FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get my GreenTree Crates?
Call or email us when you are planning your move and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Sometimes we can get the crates delivered the same day.  The more advance notice, the better we can meet your needs.  

How big is a GreenTree Crate?
Our crates are 27” long x 17” wide x 12” deep.  We deliver clean and sanitized crates ready for you to start packing…no assembly or taping required. Lids are attached AND we provide removable labels and zip ties for FREE.  Big time saver!

How Many GreenTree Crates do I need?
We have come up with packages based on the number of bedrooms/square feet and the “average” mover.  These crates hold a lot of stuff.  If you think you might need more, order a few extra crates.  Think you don’t have much – order a few less.  We will work with you to customize plans for your move.

I am hiring movers, should I still use GreenTree Crates?
Movers LOVE our crates…they are easily stackable, fit on dollies, and take less time to move…if you are paying your movers by the hour this is a money saver for you!

What if I need more GreenTree Crates than I ordered?
Call us!  We will work with you to get more crates delivered so you don’t miss a beat.  Additional delivery charges may apply.

How/When do I pay for my GreenTree Crates order?
We will email you an invoice, which you can pay online.  We accept major credit cards.

Do I receive a confirmation for my GreenTree Crates order?
After you have paid your invoice, you are good to go!  We will call/text to set up a time for delivery and pickup that works for you.

Is there a charge for delivery/pickup of GreenTree Crates order?
Your order will be delivered and picked up for FREE in our service area.  Additional charges may apply for anyone who wants to use our crates but lives (or is moving) outside of our service area.  Call us!

Do I need to be home for delivery and pickup?
Yes, someone 18 years or older needs to be there to sign for crates for delivery and pickup.

Are there additional fees to rent GreenTree Crates?
Maybe…if you live in an apartment with no elevator, we deliver to the 1st floor.  We may charge you a little more to get the crates upstairs or you can meet us downstairs and get your friends to help you take them up.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you change your mind 24 hrs. or less from the scheduled delivery time, there is a $30 cancellation fee.

Do you also pack and move for me?
GreenTree Crates delivers and picks up the plastic crates and rented equipment only.  You or your movers do the packing and moving.

I want to keep a few of these crates, can I buy them?
Call us…we may be able to work something out.

What is the Service Area?
Our service area is generally within 25 miles of our delivery center.  Additional charges may apply for anyone who wants to use our crates but lives outside of our service area.  Call us!​​

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What services and products does GreenTree Crates provide?
We rent plastic reusable moving crates for home and office moves.  We also rent hand trucks, dollies, and we sell packing material…your entire order is delivered to your home/office and picked up at your new location.

Why should I use GreenTree Crates?

  • Our crates are made of recycled materials and they can be recycled after 400 uses (not once or twice like cardboard).

  • Our crates are reusable, stackable, crush-proof, waterproof, time saving, cheaper, and more convenient than cardboard.

  • Our crates have ergonomic handles.  With our dolly, you can stack and move 4 filled crates or up to 20 nested empty crates at one time…save time and your back!

  • Our crates are a no brainer for the environment and your next hassle-free cost effective move.​