Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


In a nutshell: You rent our stuff in good condition and either return it to us in good condition or pay us for it-but our lawyers made us say this….

  1. All rentals and purchases must be paid for in advance of delivery.  Customer acknowledges that their credit card will be kept on file for the duration of the rental agreement and authorizes GreenTree Crates to charge any amount associated with the Rental Terms and Conditions stated in this document. 

  2. All equipment rented remains the exclusive property of GreenTree Crates at all times and may not be sold or rented to a third party by the customer.

  3. Moving crates will be delivered in satisfactory condition.  Customer may check the condition and must promptly inform GreenTree Crates of any damages.  GreenTree Crates will replace equipment deemed by GreenTree Crates to have been delivered in damaged condition at no cost to the customer.

  4. The customer shall indemnify GreenTree Crates against all losses, damages, claims, suits, actions, costs, expenses, obligations, or disbursements, including legal expenses incurred by GreenTree Crates, in any way connected to the customers use or possession of the equipment during the term.

  5. Customer assumes all responsibility for any damage to rented equipment and agrees that the credit card on file may be charged for said damages or loss.  Customer agrees to use the equipment carefully and properly, and in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.  Customer will notify GreenTree Crates promptly of any loss, theft, or destruction of all or any part of the equipment, or of any damage beyond repair to the equipment, and shall make the equipment or any wreckage available for disposal.

  6. If Customer does not give 24 hour notice to reschedule drop off/pickup or cancel order, or if Customer is not present at time of scheduled delivery/pickup, there will be a $30 charge assessed.

  7. If Customer keeps crates/equipment beyond the initial rental period and no rental extension has been agreed upon between Customer and GreenTree Crates, additional daily rental fees will be billed to the credit card beginning immediately – $2.50 per crate, $2 per dolly, $2 per Hand Truck and will continue for a maximum of 28 days. 

  8. If the GreenTree Crates/equipment are not returned after 28 days of initial scheduled pickup date and there has been no communication to extend rental, GreenTree Crates will assume that the Customer wishes to purchase all crates/equipment and will be charged full retail value for items rented.  The replacement costs are as follows: $40 per Crate, $75 per Hand Truck,  $100 per Dolly.

  9. If GreenTree Crates incurs any legal or professional fees associated with collection of monies and equipment owed to GreenTree Crates, customer agrees to pay those expenses.

  10. Equipment returned in excessively dirty condition (food, ink, fluids, other stains or anything that requires more than the normal cleaning process) will incur a $3 per crate cleaning fee to be paid by the customer.

  11. Use of our website implies knowledge and agreement with terms and conditions.

  12. Terms and conditions may change without notice.